Work for week of March 30th

Monday through Friday// Divide up as you need to, but please allow your child to absorb the new concepts.

We are beginning our Purple Unit! This is our last unit, and what your child will start on in the first grade! These are new concepts, so please go over each one, as they will have new challenges and need extra support! Please feel free to call me with any questions for that support, if needed.

Bossy R is our new helper with the new phonic sound. His character is located in the back of the worktext book. Have your child cut out Bossy R and all the vowels with him. Bossy R changes the sound of each vowel.

WORKTEXT: Pages 227-236

PHONICS: Pages 271-280


READING: Current book plus the last 6 Phonic Stories. Review all service words.

NUMBER SKILLS: We are reviewing the different skills we have learned. 1) work on telling time, using both an analog clock, and a digital clock. Do 15 different times. Talk about am and pm time 2) Do a mixture of addition and subtraction problems, do 15 of these, and do 5 story problems, verbally, and have your child write both the problem and the answer down. 3) Review coin recognition from penny to quarter, know there worth. Do 5 story problems using coins. 4) Have your child find 5 different shapes in your house, ask them if the shapes are 2D or 3D shapes. 5) Review fractions, we have talked about halves, but not quarters or thirds. Please help them with these, there are some worksheets to help you in their worksheet papers.

HANDWRITING: Pages 79-80, Gathering facts, write about an animal

Pages: 81-82 Write about a dinosaur!

Pages: 83-84 Use your previous writing and retell to write a report. At least 5 sentences.

Use the supplemental worksheets as needed, and please let me know when you need more. I will e mail them to you. Have a good week, I will be contacting each of you to listen to the progress that your child is making in the new reading books. If there are any questions, please call or text me.

Stay home, stay safe,

Mrs. States

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