Jillian Billingsly

October 26-27

Math- please do pages 39-42

Language- pages 31 and 32

Reading- please finish “Snow Treasure” read pages 173-196

Also for reading please define *swagger stick *pact *haunches *winced *tussle *outrage *court martial *five knots *ballast *bulkhead

Spelling- look at list 7, pay attention to homophones forth and fourth. Please do pages 26 and 27 and prepare for our pretest on Wednesday.

Handwriting- pages 25 and 26

History read about Ben Franklin pages 70-82. Please do the Comprehension Checks on pages 77 and 82.

Science- read pages 50-53 and please define *cormorants *pigments *melanins *carotenoids *porphyrins *iridescent *albinos *anting

Please remember this is for two days, feel free to contact me with any questions.