Linda Smith

Happy snow day! May God bless your day abundantly! Here are the assignments for today.  If you have any questions please text me.

Recite the memory verses: Psalm 118:24, Psalm 103:1, Philippians 4:8, Psalm 8:9 and Psalm 104:1.  Then recite the Lord’s Prayer.

 Math: lessons 94-95 (pages 187-190

Go over the PROCESS of finding the time, For page 187 #2  I use the word PROCESS a lot in class. The process for finding time in our class is: Find the short hand (hour hand) number zone, that number will be first.  Then find the number the minute hand is pointing to.  Count around the clock by 5’s until you get to the number the minute hand is on, and write that number after the colon.

  • Review adding double digits for page 187 #3 and page 188 #2 – add the ones place first, then the tens.  This is also a PROCESS.

Seatwork: pages 187-190


Give a pre-spelling test on word list 16.  Complete pages 32-33 by Friday  Let me know if they got 10/10 so they don’t have to take the test again on Friday.

HANDWRITING Pages 94 and 95


Lessons 76 – Story The Best Dog Yet – chapter 1 A Stray Puppy pages 100-103

Seatwork: 77-77b


PHONICS/ENGLISH – 10:30-11:00

Lessons 76-77

  • The homework is about things they already know. Working with long vowel sounds.
  • They are familiar with compound words.

Seatwork: Worktext, pages 151-154              practice: pages 141


Homework: Complete post-test page 85


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