Linda Smith

Good morning! I pray you stay warm and safe on this icy day! Following is the lesson plans for today.

Recite the memory verses: Psalm 118:24, Psalm 103:1, Philippians 4:8, Psalm 104:1, Psalm 8:9 and the Lord’s Prayer

MATH: Lessons 98-99

  • Review the process of telling time.PROCESS FOR TELLING TIMELook at the short HOUR HAND and see what number ZONE it is in. Say the number “in the zone” first. Look at the minute hand (long one). See where it is pointing.  Count around the clock to where it is by 5’s.  The clock is counted from 1 to 12 by 5’s.  If the minute hand is not exactly a number you start by seeing which number is is past and count by ones to where it is.  This number goes next on the time. There are small lines between each number.  You count those by ones. If the minute hand is on the 12 and the short hand on a number, it is an o’Clock. (This is the language we use in class)

Page 196 is a JOB and is not required. I’m not sure I have explained the “jobs”.  Ask your student, they can tell you.

Seat-work: Pages 195 – 198


  • You will introduce list 17 and prepare them to take the pre-test on Wednesday.
  • Homework for the week in the spelling book are pages 34-35 to be completed by Friday.

SCIENCE: We would have talked about spider webs today, and watched a couple videos on YouTube about them spinning their webs.  You can do this if you wish.  The spinning of a spider web is a spectacular thing to me!!! Following is a story I wrote to go along with this section of spiders.  My idea was to come up with a new way to help them memorize sight words. This is a true story and I believe the kids will remember it.  It contains all the sight words that they need to know by memory.  Have them read it several times, not only today but in days to come.  Keep in mind that I was stretched to use all the words so some of the sentences my seem odd or out of place, lol. (This isn’t the font I want in the story.  I don’t like this (a).  I like to use century gothic font.  That is what I copied it to be but it transferred to this blog different…)

One day at school we were coming back to the classroom from our Bible class.  I heard someone say, “There is a spider over here on the floor behind the door! We should call the police!” Mrs. Smith made sure we did not hurt the spider.  Some people would run away from it, or kill it by stepping on it.  There was no way she would have let any of us hurt the spider.  She went off to the classroom and found something in which she could put him. She found a can she could use. The eyes of the spider tried to look and see where it could run off.  It did not want to be put into anything.  My mother, father, and brother would have killed it at home as fast as they could.  Mrs. Smith bent down in time and made the spider go into the jar.  Once the spider was in it, he could sit still. Then Mrs. Smith had us go with her. “Where are you going to take the spider?”, I asked her.  She did not say a word as she kept hold of the can.  We then went down the long hall.  We would soon find out what she will do with the spider. The color of the spider was black.  We could hear music in a classroom as we went about our way. Then she opened the door to go outside.  We all went out by a tree.  She said, “God wants us to love His creatures.  We have come here to let this spider live where it was made to live.  There will be many more spiders out here that he may be friends with. This one has been saved.” We were all happy for the spider. “I do this to each spider I see when I can, and they are happy”, she said.  If we had to take the spider to a jungle, a monkey would see him and he may get eaten. But this time his life will be safe at this tree. I want this to be my lesson for you to give life to as many of God’s creatures you can. It will make you happy and these spiders will be glad. She said, “I do this with worms too.  A worm has to go across a sidewalk and the sun will kill them before they get to the other side. You may say the birds need to eat the worm. This may be true, but part of our job is to try to save all we can. So, it is how we can be their helper.  Once you have helped a number of spiders and worms you will want to get up in the morning and the first thing you will say is, “I would like, more than anything, to help a worm or a spider today.”  Who does that?  Mrs. Smith does that if she can. She said we must go back to class now and get out your journal. We all wanted a drink of water.  In my journal I drew a pretty picture of the spider with all his friends. I will write a story of how we were part of helping a spider today.


READING: Story: Zoo Camp: chapter 1 of 3.  Meeting Mr. Joe    Pages 111-114

PHONICS:   These pages are pretty much review.   Work-text: 157-160         Practice:  147-150

SPECTRUM:  This will be the last of your spectrum journey in class at school.  Feel free to do any of the other activities.  Their next book will be HEALTH. The following assignments in Spectrum are due Friday of this week.

  • Read through page 86 about opinions.
  • Do the top of page 87
  • Complete pages 89-91


These assignments will be in the cut off for 3rd quarter mid-terms (can you believe that already!!).  I will for sure need the math, phonics, spelling and reading assignments by Wednesday and any assignments not turned in before them so I can prepare mid-term grades. Have a great day and text me with any questions.  Note to self – push update to save!!!!!