Pamela Cardwell

Homework for January 25-26, 2023

Grammar- The Verb and Action Verbs- do pgs 107-108 and Compound Verbs do  pgs. 109-110

Spelling- PRETEST , do page 60, write missed words from Pretest 10 times and correct words 5 times

Math- Do pages 159-160, do pages 161-162

History- The Great Awakening read pages 83-85 do questions CC8a

Just write- Information Reports read p. 47 and do page 48

Science – Read The Moon’s gravity p. 91-92

DO questions!

  1. What determines a planet’s gravity?
  2. How much less is the moon’s gravity as compared to the Earth?
  3. How does less gravity affect jumping in the air?
  4. How does the Moon’s gravity affect us on Earth/
  5. Why is it important to have tides? (2 reasons)

Handwriting- pages 62-63 Please write neatly!!!!!

Have a great day and I will miss each and everyone of you!!!!

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