Sandy Wedemeyer

8th grade physical science students:

I am sending the test on Chapter 3 to your e-mail.  Please have your parents give this test to you, and then they can put your finished test in a sealed envelope to bring to school.  No books or helps.  Please show all math work.

We will be learning about water in the next two chapters.  The author of our text calls water a truly remarkable substance.  God did make a wonderful substance, which we tend to take for granted.  Water can be soothing to us, cleansing us, and refreshing to us when working outside on a hot day.  Our bodies, animals and plants require it for survival.  But think of how destructive water can be.  It can toss a ship around on the ocean, it can break through a dam and cause great destruction.  Huge waves can cause great destruction during a hurricane.  Think about the great flood.  Water has great power!   God is so awesome to make such a wonderful resource in our world.  I am looking forward to teaching you about the unique quantities of water!!

Read pages81-90 including the experiment.  Do 1a, 1b, 2 through 7 on the study guide.  See the attached test.