Ty Burgoon

High School Bible – Wednesday 2-17-21

What a crazy few days! Well, the work of the kingdom of God doesn’t stop when other things do. So, we are going to keep growing in our understanding of His Word. Romans 7 is where we need to be today. If you did not read the article from last Wednesday, please do so down below.

Today’s work will be to read another view on Romans 7: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/romans-7-does-describe-your-christian-experience/

This is the next part in a 3 part series discussing various ways to interpret Romans 7. I am not presenting these to confuse you. I’m hoping to help you see that the study of God’s Word is a lifelong effort! We will assess these various views when we finally get to be back… whenever that day is. Have a great rest of your week!

High School Bible – Wednesday 2-10-21

Sad to not see everyone this week! But as you all know, we need to keep making progress in Romans. We would’ve started chapter 7 together today. Chapter 7 is quite challenging! There are great Christians that have different views of what Paul is talking about when he wrote this chapter. The main debate is 1- Paul is describing the Christian experience versus 2- Paul is writing about the pre-Christian experience. We will talk about this in person next week. Here is an article that introduces you to one of those two theories. Please read it so you have a better understanding of the issues when we start next Monday. Read the article:

Romans 7 Does Not Describe Your Christian Experience

High School Bible – Monday 2-8-21

Happy after Super Bowl Monday morning… I personally think this should become a half day every year!

We need to progress on Romans chapter 6. So, please do the following 2 things:

  1. Read Romans 6:15-23. In your own words, answer the question Paul asks in verse 15. Answer it in two summary sentences. One summarizing vv. 16-18 and the 2nd summarizing vv. 19-23. Basically, instead of all the technical words of Paul, what’s your “simple” summary? Write this down and bring to class on Wednesday.
  2. Watch the first 9 minutes of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QecyvLgSuN8
    It might look like two old guys talking about things teens never would. HOWEVER, they are discussing questions I’m sure you’ve had in your own heart, even if you’ve never been able to express or talk about them. (what is good motivation to obey God and grow as a believer).

High School Bible – Wednesday 1-27-21

Happy snow day! For today I would like you to watch a video explaining a key word in Romans 5. The word “transgression”. The video is about 5 minutes here:

To go above and beyond you can also watch the video on “sin”: https://youtu.be/aNOZ7ocLD74

High School Bible class – Assignment for Monday 11-30-20

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now it’s back to normal life, whatever normal is now. Please watch this YouTube video. It is teaching over Romans 2:25-29, the rest of chapter 2. Please excuse the less than awesome video quality. I’m not a YouTuber! Be sure to watch before class on Wed 12-2. Thanks!

Intro to Worldviews – 5 Questions

We finished the Worldview video on 11/2. It concluded with 5 questions to help dialogue with people who have differing thoughts, convictions, and worldviews:

1 – Do you think that’s the whole story?
2 – What do you mean by that?
3 – How did you arrive at that conclusion?
4 – How do you know what you believe is true?
5 – What happens if you’re wrong?

High School Bible class – Assignment for Monday 10-26-20

We need to make progress on our orange book curriculum. Doing this today will help us save time and not watch it while in person during class time… Please, either today or tomorrow (Tuesday), watch session 2 of the video series. It is found on YouTube here: