Ty Burgoon

High School Bible class – Assignment for Monday 11-30-20

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now it’s back to normal life, whatever normal is now. Please watch this YouTube video. It is teaching over Romans 2:25-29, the rest of chapter 2. Please excuse the less than awesome video quality. I’m not a YouTuber! Be sure to watch before class on Wed 12-2. Thanks!

Intro to Worldviews – 5 Questions

We finished the Worldview video on 11/2. It concluded with 5 questions to help dialogue with people who have differing thoughts, convictions, and worldviews:

1 – Do you think that’s the whole story?
2 – What do you mean by that?
3 – How did you arrive at that conclusion?
4 – How do you know what you believe is true?
5 – What happens if you’re wrong?

High School Bible class – Assignment for Monday 10-26-20

We need to make progress on our orange book curriculum. Doing this today will help us save time and not watch it while in person during class time… Please, either today or tomorrow (Tuesday), watch session 2 of the video series. It is found on YouTube here: