January 25 Snow day

Good morning, parents! Here are the assignments for today.

Phonics: Verbally practice these blends that we have recently worked on—-sl, sc ,sp ,st, sk, ld, lp, lt, lk, fl, gl, pl, then practice the new blends of today: ct, ft, and xt. Help your child to come up with at least five words using the beginning blends, and five words with ending blends. Sounding out each letter as they say the word is the key here. Make sure they hear that blend as two letters.

Handwriting: Write five sentences using the old blends, and three sentences using the new blends of today’s lesson.

Number Skills: Use real coins to understand and recognize the value of the coins, penny, nickel and dime. Make problems with the coins, such as 4 dimes, 5 nickels, 3 pennies, and help your child understand the dimes are worth 10 cents, we count by 10’s, nickels 5 cents, we count by 5’s. pennies we count by 1’s. Do 10 problems this way, write them down, as you do them.

Service Words: Please practice ALL service words that you find in the Phonics Stories folder. These words have to be recognized, as they do not follow the phonetic rules that we have learned. They cannot be sounded out.

Reading: Read the current book that your child has. Please check to see if the previous book has been signed off, if not, it still needs to be worked on. Usually, it is the phonics words in the back that need extra practice.

Have a safe and warm day!


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