Monday January 30 2023

Work for Monday and Tuesday:

Reading: Please use this time to have your student read their current book, Phonic Stories, and practice all phonics word families as listed with each story. Paying special attention to the service words that are listed. (Monday and Tuesday)

Service Words: Practice all of our service words, please be sure to check our chart in the room and see where your student is in learning the service words. Work on these until your child is able to recognize them by sight. (Monday and Tuesday)

Number Skills: Practice with our four coins, the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Help your child know the difference between each, how to know them, and also know the value of each. (Monday and Tuesday)

Phonics: The new blends for this week are “sh” and “ch”. Go over these new sounds, and the letters that make them. Practice several words with each of these sounds, making sure your child knows which blends make the certain sound. (Monday and Tuesday)

Handwriting: Monday—write 10 words(5 each) using the above two blends. Tuesday—using the very best handwriting skills, spacing and formation, practice writing both first and last name. Students should do this activity until they can write both first and last names. For Tuesday, write the names 5 times. Their names should be written on each of their papers.

Video: This week we are talking about oceans. Please show your student a video of the ocean, and talk about wht they saw. They should be able to tell you one or two things about what they learned. Tuesday—-Find a video about creatures in the ocean, ask your child which one they want to learn about. After watching the video about the ocean creature, have your child write the most interesting fact that they learned about the creature. Don’t forget to name the animal they wanted to learn about!

Stay safe! Contact me if you have any questions.

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