Alexandra Greer

Homework for Monday 1-22-24:

Math: Complete p. 143-144

Language: Complete p. 152-153 of your workbook.

Reading: Begin Vocabulary Worksheet 4. I will email this to parents.

Science: Work on your science project and worksheet. Your project is due on Wednesday.

Spelling: Look over list 17 on page 66.

History: Complete Chapter Checkup 11 questions 9-18.

Just Write: Read and complete pages 54 and 55. Make sure you write in cursive.


Homework for Tuesday 1-23-24

Math: Complete pages 145 and 146.

Language: Review and prepare for test on Wednesday. Make sure you know how to diagram conjunctions.

Reading: Complete Vocabulary 4.

Science: Complete your science project.

Spelling: Complete p. 66-67  and prepare for the final spelling test.

History: Complete Chapter Checkup 10 questions 19-25. This can be done on the same paper you used for questions 9-18 or a new page.

Handwriting: Complete p. 78-79


If you have any questions, please contact me. -Mrs. Greer