Collin Funkhouser

11 March 2022

Who else is done with winter? T-Bone is a Chow Chow, and he really would love for it to winter all year. The Chow Chow has been identified as a basal breed that predates the emergence of the modern breeds in the 19th Century. Originating either in China, or Mongolia, they’ve been around for a very long time. One Chinese legend mentions large war dogs from Central Asia that resembled black-tongued lions. One Chinese ruler was said to own 5,000 Chows. The Chinese also used Chows to pull dog sleds through swampy terrain, and this was remarked upon by Marco Polo.

Hope you all have a safe and warm day.

  • Please spend this extra time really going over your exam corrections.
  • Add questions 1-5 and 25-30 to your homework from Wednesday. Don’t forget to write out the formulas every time you need them.
  • Review the next lesson and do the practice problems. We will cover it again on Monday, but wanted you to have eyes on it before then.

25 February 2022

Ok. I’d like for the snow to be over with at this point. Fun fact, wood frogs freeze completely solid in the winter by producing a sugar based antifreeze in their blood.

Anyway, today is Lesson 68. Please do 5-20.

Also remember that Monday I will pass out the practice test that will cover Lessons 55-68. Start reviewing those lessons and practice problems over the weekend.

17 February 2022 Update

I try and leave for one week and we get snow again! *sigh*

  • Homework for 18 Feb: Lesson 64. 5-20
  • Homework for 22 Feb: Lesson 65. 1-18

When we are back together in class, please have:

  1. Lesson 63
  2. Exam Corrections
  3. Lesson 64
  4. Lesson 65

Super proud of all of your hard work and persistence through this transition and now multiple snow days.

Just a heads up. Our next exam will be March 4th. We will talk about what it will cover next Wednesday. Enjoy your snowy weekend!

31 Jan 2022 Update

Looks like snow is in the forecast. To prepare for the likelihood of cancellations, here is the week ahead:

Homework for 2 Feb: Lesson 56. 1-30 all.

Homework for 4 Feb: Lesson 57. 5-15.

Additionally, you should begin preparing for an exam on February 11th. We will pass out the practice test on 7 Feb for you to review.