Debra States


Good Monday to all my parents and kids! Since we do not take our books home, I will give you some things to work on for these days, October 26th and 27th.


1.) Reading: Some of your students are on book 7, and some are on book 8. If they still have book 7, that means that there is still work to be done with the Phonic words. Please review these until you see that light bulb go off, and the rhyming pattern in the words makes sense. These basic 3 letter words need to be understood until they can move on. The same goes for book 8, it should be read, and the phonics words read and re-read until they can recognize them.


2.) The same goes for the Phonic Stories that your student has. Just as the books are easily memorized, the stories are as well. But, if the student cannot read the phonic words, or service words, it is clear that they are not understanding.


3) This week our new letters are: “u”, “k” and “c”. the short vowel sound of “u” in words such as : fun, run, bun, sun. Pease practice this new sound.


4) Handwriting: use this time to practice the letters that we have already had. Bb, Nn, Pp, Hh, and Ss. Do 2 lines of each one, your student may also do 2 lines of Uu, as this letter is not too much different in the pre-cursive style.


5) Number Skills: I am seeing trouble with the number families. Please practice these, beginning with the teen family. The numbers 10 through 19 make up the teen family, then comes the twenty family, 20-29, and on down through the ninety family. Please give your student at least 10 numbers each day, and see if they can write that number. They should range from the teen family through the ninety family. 2) Counting by 10’s. Please practice counting and writing by 10’s. Explain each number has 10 objects in it, such as a dime has 10 pennies in it, or use groups of 10 objects to help them visualize what counting by 10’s is. 3) Do 10 simple addition problems each day.


We will do our normal pages on Wednesday, so don’t worry about those. But do practice on these things, PLEASE! Repetition is the ONLY way to learn the basics at this point. I understand it takes time and patience, but your students will greatly benefit from it.


Thank you, stay warm and safe!

Mrs. States