Debra States


Good morning parents!  For today, due to our worksheets being at school, please continue to help your student read their current books.  We have started with the blends, which you can see by looking at their homework from Monday, practice the new blend sounds, and help your child write as many “cl” words as you both can come up with.

Also read the Phonic Stories, the last 3 that they have, and also have them pick 3-4 older stories to read.

They have done very well with the blending sounds, the extra review paid off, so please continue to reinforce the letter sounds to help them retain the ability to put the sounds together!

For Number Skills do 10 simple addition problems, and give them 5 word problems verbally, have them make the problem and answer.  Please use the vertical formation for problems, as this is easier for them to see what they are doing.

You have tomorrow’s work in the folder, I will text you a copy of the instructions for tomorrow.

Most importantly, have a good day, enjoy the learning process, and be proud of your child’s progress!

Mrs. States