Debra States


January 12, 2024, HOMEWORK

Dear Parents,

PHONICS: Please continue to reinforce the new sounds of the blended letters, “st”, “sp”, and “sm”.  After these beginning sounds are mastered, introduce these ending sounds: “st”, “nt” and “mp”. (as in “just”, “tent”, and “camp”)  The students must know the individual letter sounds in order to understand this process.  Make sure they do!

Reading:  Practice the current reading book, AND the Phonics Stories in the Phonics folder.  Don’t forget to log your reading time.

Green Folder:  Work on memorizing at least 4 new sight words.

Number Skills:  Use coins to help your child recognize the penny, nickel, and dime, and the value of each.

Handwriting: 1.)  Write our number words:  one-ten, THREE times each, and  2,)  Use the learned new sight words to write 5 sentences.


Thank you, Mrs. States