Denise Ehlert

Assignments for Monday 11/30/20

6 & 7 grade Chemistry/ Physics:

Read chapter 4 pgs. 62-66, then answer following questions…

Chapter 4 Questions

Write out answers on notebook paper.

  1. A substance made up of only one kind of atom?
  2. What is formed when one atom connects with another atom?
  3. What is a compound made up of?
  4. List 3 examples of compounds?
  5. Crystals are curious…?
  6. Crystals are solids that have formed…?
  7. Bold definition of crystals?
  8. What are the repeating arrangements called?
  9. Can both elements and compounds make crystals?
  10. List 3 examples of elements that make crystals?
  11. List 3 examples of compounds that form crystals?
  12. How do most crystals form?
  13. what is happening to the atoms as the structure hardens?
  14. How does text explain Matthew 5:13?
  15. What crystal is formed when water freezes?
  16. What does Greek word, Kryos, mean?
  17. Best example of crystalized water?
  18. Who was the first person to photo snowflakes?
  19. What are treasured crystals called?
  20. Name the 4 precious gemstones?
  21. A well-known gemstone?
  22. What is graphite?
  23. What changes the geometric shape of carbon?
  24. Diamonds are…?
  25. What is the hardest substance on earth?
  26. Write out, James 1:2-4 on pg. 65.
  27. What are the 4 C’s?
  28. Diamonds form in what shape?
  29. How many faces does a diamond have?
  30. Cut refers to?
  31. Color refers to?
  32. Clarity refers to?
  33. Carats refers to?

6th grade Math:

Write definitions pgs. 76-77 (6) and problems 1-19 All

Write definitions pgs. 78-79 (4) and problems 1-13 All

6th grade Spelling and Grammar:

Spelling:List 11 pgs. 42-43 and review words for pre-test Wednesday

Grammar: Read pgs. 38-39, complete pgs. 39-40