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Denise Ehlert

Assignments for Monday 10/26/2020

6 & 7 grade Chemistry/ Physics: 

On Friday we will do the Try This on pgs. 49-50. Each student will do their own. Please begin discussing with parents what you could bring. Following is the list of supplies needed for the projects:

6 large paper plates

12 small paper plates

Small candies such as nerds (would suggest 1 large box or possibly 3-4 of the small ones)

Larger candies such as Peanut M & M’s (one bag will do)

Homework for 10/26 & 10/27: Read Chapter 3 pgs. 53-59 and take notes. Also, complete the Crossword puzzle in workbook pg. 42.

6th grade Math:

We are beginning Chapter 3. Review/Read intro to Division pg.52 and do problems pg.52-53 1-39 (all).

Personal Finance:

Have the Student Budget worksheets completed for Wednesday.  There will be a open book test over Chapter 3 on Friday.

6th grade Spelling and Grammar:

Spelling- We are beginning List 7. Will have pre-test on Wednesday. For homework complete pgs. 26-27.

Grammar- Complete pg. 25.

Praying for and miss you all!

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