Denise Ehlert

Assignments for 1/30/2023

Please contact me with any questions. 660-620-4874

7th Grade Math:

These are new lessons, you will need to read the intro/explanations.

Lesson 44 Practice Set only

Lesson 45 Practice Set only

7th Grade General Science:

Read and complete next section of worksheets

Remember to have idea/plan for science projects.

6th Grade Math:

Please read through the intro/explanations. May need to start (not for a grade or to turn in) at #1 and practice (like we do in class) to work up to the assigned problems.

Pg 138-139, 2-26 even And 27-28 (both of these)

8th Grade Spelling and Grammar:

Grammar: pg. pg.145-146 all, pg. 147, 1-23 odds.