Dr. Marilyn Ehlert

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is well today.

If you have any questions, call me 660-619-2056.

Take care and I hope to see you Friday.

Dr. Ehlert



We will use the questions you wrote to review for the unit test which will be next Wednesday, the 1st. We will take the mural apart so you can finish it at home. the mural is due February 10th.

Read the spirit poems pages 244-247 and answer all questions.


Read Module 8 pages 215-234

On Your Own 8.1-8.11

Test for Module is Monday (the 6th).


Reviewing Adjectives and   pages 199-206

p. 199, Exercise 1-10

p. 200, Ex. C, 1-5

p. 201, Exercise A 1-4

P. 190,  Exercise A 1-5

p. 205, ex. C, 1-5

Spelling Test will be Friday and we will use last weeks’ list.




Composition Book

Describe something you always have with you.

Read the, “Farmer of Paimpolo,” Pages 109-116 after you have copied all vocabulary at the bottom of each page.

Answer questions on page 116.




Air Masses page 172-176.

Draw figures 7.11and 7.12

explain Warm Front, Stationary Front and Occluded Front



8th Grade Reading

Read Mrs. Ching p. 131 and answer questions. We will discuss your article’s in class.