Gail Lewis

Human Anatomy
Monday Reread text pages 260-262, pay close attention to the blood types and their relationships to one another.
Do a Punnett square with the parent’s blood types as follows. The father is AB and the mother is BO. Provide the percentage chance that exists for the baby’s blood types. Answer Study Guide questions 19-22 on page 379.

Read text pages 362-369. (Stop at The Flow of Blood…..). Read closely Experiment 11.2 and answer Study Guide question 1 m-q on pg 378.

Read text pages 140-143, and answer questions on section quiz.
Read text pages 143-146 and answer the section quiz questions.

General Science
Students make sure you have read the chapter “What is Life?” Make sure you have answered all On Your Own Questions and all study guide questions on page 239 and 240. Bohdan, Jessica and Leah if you don’t remember please call me?
Read and be familiar with experiment 9.2 and 9.4. If you have the items for experiment 9.3, see if your parents will let you do this at home. Record the heights of the plant for two weeks.

Those of you who do not have Mondays assignment, please complete it.

Themes in Literature
Vocabulary words, define.
divined, timid,capsized, goaded, treacherously,marauders, resolutely, rashness, inevitable, insubordination, solidarity, placatingly, wraith,keenly, inexorable.
Answer these questions. Use whole sentences.
1. What provokes Buck’s attack on Spitz when the team is camped on ice?
2. What does the word score mean as it is used in the statement “starving huskies, four or five score of them?” Look up the Gettysburg Address and read. It is another text with “score”.
3. What stops the first fight between Buck and Spitz?
4. Why is François worried about “madness” after the husky invasion?

World Literature
Read chapter 4 of Animal Farm.
Vocabulary, define the following.
perpetually, rebellion, cannibalism, rumours/rumors, contemptible, rubbish, irrepressible, campaigns,defensive, skirmishing, maneuver/manoeuvre, gored, ignominious.
The words with / are the American and English spelling.

Read and study page on nouns again. Page 100 in text. Choose a paragraph from a reading book, or The Call of the Wild. Copy if you can on copier and tell the types of nouns in the paragraph.

Spelling words for the week.
Poignant, potpourri, prejudice, premonition, primitive, proximity, quibble, quixotic, quizzical, recipient

Please if you have questions? Number is 573-789-3749. Have good days.