Julie Drum

Good Morning! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm.

Just a reminder that Book-It Reading Calendars are due on Wednesday, February 1st.

Listed below are the assignments for Monday, January 30th.

Math: Do wkbk pages 171-172

Spelling: Do wkbk page 66-67

Phonics/Language:  (skip pages 157-158) Do wkbk pages 158-159

Handwriting: No assignment

Reading: Read pages 52-58 of “The Pineyridge Snowstorm”
Do wkbk pages 197-198

Science:   Rays
Read pages 105-to middle of page 107

Just Write: No assignment


If you should have any questions on the assignments just text or give me a call. (660-281-9981)   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  


**Homework for Tuesday, January 31st. 

Math: Do wkbk pages 173-174 (Students will be taking math test 13 on Wednesday)

Handwriting: No assignment

Reading: Read pages 59-64 of “The Pineyridge Snowstorm”
Do wkbk pages 199-200 & 201-202

Spelling: Write words on page 66-3X each
Study words for test on Wednesday

Phonics: Do wkbk pages 161-162

Just Write: No assignment

Science: Read pages middle of page 107-to middle of page 109 (Electric Rays, Eagle Rays, sawfish, & skates)