Julie Drum

Listed below are the assignments for Wednesday, October 6th, Thursday, October 7th & Friday, October 8th.

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

Math: Do wkbk page 43-44 & addition worksheet
Do wkbk page 45-46 (do not need to color page 46 unless you want too)
Do wkbk page 47-48

Spelling: List 4
*Give spelling pre-test -words found on page 14-If your child makes a 100% they will not be required to test again on           Friday. (Please make sure to turn test in)

*Do wkbk page 16
*Give spelling test if your child did not make a 100% on Wednesday. (Please turn test in)

Phonics/Language: Do wkbk pages 33-34
Do wkbk pages 35-36
Do wkbk pages 37-38

Handwriting: Letter Ll -worksheet # 12      (These worksheets were sent home on Monday)
Letter Mm-worksheet #13
Letter Nn-worksheet # 14

Reading: Read page 101 & discuss
Do wkbk pages 41-42

Read “Dogs at Work” pages 102-107
Do wkbk pages 43-44

Read “Dogs at Work” pages 108-113
Do wkbk pages 45-46 & 47-48

*Don’t forget to be reading and recording the minutes on your reading calendar.

Social Studies/History:
    Read packet over Comanche-Plains Tribe (This was sent home on Monday)
Complete last page of packet and return this page.
Do worksheet over American Indian Tribes -may use book to help you. (This was sent home on Monday)
On page 22-review vocabulary words at the top of the page.
Then read pages 22-25
On notebook paper write the answers to the questions on page 25.

Science: Read pages 23 (bottom half)-top of page 26
Read pages 26 -27 (top half)
On the top half of worksheet # 35 write 1 thing about whale migration ( sent home on Monday)
Read bible verse on worksheet # 30-make color if you choose too. (sent home on Monday)

Just Write: Do wkbk page 38
Do wkbk pages 39-41
Do wkbk pages 42-43

*If you should have any questions over the assignments just text or give me a call. (660-281-9981)   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Please let your child know that I have missed seeing them.