Julie Drum

Good Morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are able to safe at home.


Listed below are the assignments for Monday, January 22nd & Tuesday, January 23rd.

Math: Do wkbk pages 151-152 & 153-154-We have not talked about mixed fractions so you may need to help your child with this part.
Do wkbk pages 155 (skip pages 156)
Do wkbk pages 157-158 & 159-160
I know this seems like a lot of pages but there is not very much on each page.

Spelling: List 16 words
Do wkbk pages 62-63
Study List 16 words for test on Wednesday

Phonics/Language: Do wkbk pages 135 -136 (skip # 3 on page 136)
Do wkbk page 138 (skip page 137)

Handwriting: Do wkbk pages 88 -Cursive v

Reading: Read pages 14-18  & 19-23 of “The Story of the Shell”
Do wkbk pages 175-176, 177-178

Science: Starting Chapter 6-What makes up the Earth-Read pages 94-101
Do wkbk pages 103-104

Social Studies: No assignment

Just Write: Do wkbk pages 83-86

If you should have any questions on the assignments just text or give me a call. (660-281-9981)   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Hope you have a great day.