Julie Drum

Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a good morning.

Listed below are the assignments for Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Math: Do wkbk pages 161-162
#2 on page 162 is a new skill that I was planning to introduce today in class.  Your child will need help with this new concept of subtracting two 2-digit numbers with borrowing (regrouping) We will continue working more on this concept Friday.

Spelling: Please give your child the List 16 spelling test (page 62). Then place the test in a sealed envelope and return to school on Friday. You will want to check over the test to see if your child will need to retest on Friday.

Phonics/Language: Do wkbk pages 149-150

Handwriting: (skip wkbk pages 107-108)
Capital cursive N-Do wkbk page 109

Do wkbk pages 189-190 & 192 (skip page 191)

Science:  Sharks & Rays
Read pages 103 to the top of page 105

Just Write: Do # 2 & 3 on wkbk pages 109


If you should have any questions on the assignments just text or give me a call. (660-281-9981)   Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  


**Homework for Thursday, January 26th

Math: Do wkbk pages 163-164 & 165-166 (don’t need to color page 166 but must answer problems)

Handwriting: No assignment

Reading: Read pages 40-46 of “Wolf Pack”
Do wkbk pages 193-194

Spelling: Do wkbk page 64

Phonics: Do wkbk page 151-152 (don’t do #4 on page 152) & do pages 153-154

Just Write: No assignment

History: Read pages 130-133
Discuss questions on page 133 with a parent

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