Kathryn Burnett

For Monday (1/23/24) & Tuesday (1/24/24)

Personal Finance:

Please finish 4-6 worksheet.  We will have a quick study over questions on the test and your test will then be a take home.  Please look over Ch. 4 in your book, especially definitions.

Sign Language:

Look at phrases  #51 –  101 .  Write out how you would sign the phrases as if signing them in ASL.  Remember that ASL word order is different.  Practice finger spelling words in a book, items in your house, names, whatever you can just practice.  Feel free to get on ASL sights to help you.

Read your Bible.    Play a game with your siblings.   Ask your parents about things they did at your age.

See you Wednesday!!!   Call me if you have a question…..(660) 221-5879