Linda Dial

January 25-26, 2023


Spelling: Take a practice test (but Friday’s score will be the only score that counts this week).  Complete page 76


Writing: Remember that your newspaper article rough draft is due Friday. Use the checklist to guide your writing


Math- we’ll take the test on Friday. Do page 167 to keep those fractions fresh in your minds. Then do pages 149-150. It is dividing by multiples of 10. It is similar to multiplying by multiples of 10. Divide by the base fact and don’t forget the appropriate number of zeroes!


Reading- Read chapter one in Golden Cowrie. Write a 5 sentence summary about the chapter. Then write a 2 sentence prediction about the book.


Grammar- Test will be next week. Complete page 114. Skip write C.


Science- Finish reading the chapter. Write another 5 questions that can be answered from today’s reading.


History-Choose one of the remaining comprehension checks in chapter 6 (not the two you did yesterday and not the chapter review). Answer in complete sentences (answer all of the questions in your chosen comprehension check)


Be safe and have fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!!



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