Linda Dial

Homework for February 17-18, 2021


Writing: Edit/revise your research paper yourself. Have an adult or sibling edit/revise you paper for you.


Grammar:  Pages 149-153 (colons, semi colons, dashes/hyphens, and underlining)

Quizzes still planned for Friday on commas, apostrophes, and underlining.


Math: Pictographs and Order of Operations

Page 163-164 (#12-20 worked on a piece of paper)

Page 165-166 (#7-18; 21-22; 26-29 worked on a piece of paper)


Treasures: Read Chapter 12 and write an 5 sentence summary. Then write one paragraph on your thoughts about the book and character so far.


Science:  Build a model of the heart in the snow. Send me a picture of it! Then verbally explain how the heart pumps blood to someone in your family. Have them give you a letter grade for your explanation and sign it (this can be on a post-it or scrap paper.)


History: Chapter 8 check up, sections B and C. No complete sentences, but remember when doing section C to put the person’s name before their known for fact


Spelling: Choose any PSW and do it. You are free to take pretest(s) at home, but Friday’s test will be the only one that counts for a grade.


Handwriting: Do at least one page in your workbook.