Linda Dial

Monday, October 26 and Tuesday, October 27


  • Jump In–None, but we’ll do a double lesson on Wednesday
  • Grammar–
    • The last lesson in this chapter is diagramming compound sentences. If you get confused, please reach out to me
    • pages 57, 58, and 62
    • Study Guide is posted today
    • Test is still planned for Friday
  • Math
    • Finish the pages from Friday’s lesson on pages 51-52 #11-14 need to be worked on a separate paper
    • 1 digit multipliers pages 53-54 #9-17 and 28-29 need to be worked on a separate paper
  • Novels
    • Read Chapter 18
    • Complete chapter 17 and 18 questions
    • You may choose onequestion (not the vocabulary) from each chapter to skip.
  • Science
    • Test is still planned for Wednesday.
    • Study for your test
    • Growing muscles days 6 and 7
  • History
    • Study Guide is posted today, fill it out
    • We check our study guides and play a review game on Wednesday
    • Test is still planned for Friday
  • Spelling
    • Ai/Ay definitions
    • Pretest on Wednesday, so study as you normally would
  • Handwriting
    • Page 27
    • Genesis 7: 7-10



Chapter 17


Answer in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper. Restate the question in the answer. No undefined pronouns. Use as many details as you can.


  1. Vocabulary: In your own words, define
    1. leeward
    2. momentary
    3. caressing
    4. unconscious
  2. Why did the men want to stop hunting?
  3. How did they find the dogs?
  4. What happened to Grandpa?
  5. What was inside the tree?
  6. How did Billy help Grandpa feel better?
  7. Should the hunters have given up when the storm came? Give reasons for your answer.


Chapter 18


Answer in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper. Restate the question in the answer. No undefined pronouns. Use as many details as you can.


  1. Vocabulary: In your own words, define
    1. slaughter
    2. engrave
    3. association
  2. What alerted the men from camp to search for the hunting party?
  3. What news did Mr. Benson announce to the small group? What was the effect on Billy?
  4. What amazing thing had the dogs done?
  5. What did Billy do with the jackpot earnings?
  6. How did Mama react when Papa gave her the box of money?
  7. What strange thing did Mama do that night?
  8. Write 3 things you are thankful for today.



Grammar Sentences Study Guide


  1. Be able to find the subject(s) and verb(s) in a sentence. p 43C
  2. Be able to choose the correct verb form. p 55B
  3. Be able to write the plural form of nouns. p 60 plurals
  4. Be able to determine which type of sentence it is and what punctuation goes at the end. p 60 sentences
  5. Be able to follow directions to create an original sentence. p 44
  6. Be able to diagram sentences (all known types). p 58




History Chapter 3 Study Guide


  1. Map Locations
    1. Seas/Lakes: Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea
    2. Rivers: Huang He, Yangtze, Euphrates
    3. Mountains: Himalayas, Mt. Ararat, Mt. Everest, Mt. Sinai
    4. People: Byblos, Persia, Ninevah, Lydia, Assyria, Phoenicia
    5. Misc: Rub al Khali, Sinai Peninsula
  2. Essay
    1. Discuss what is so important about the development of coins. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Who conquered the Persians? _____________________________________
    2. Plant used to make paper material _________________________________
    3. Lowest place on earth’s land surface ________________________________
    4. Hanging Gardens are where? ______________________________________
    5. God’s basic rules of right and wrong ________________________________
    6. Israel’s most important river ______________________________________
    7. What is the process of making coins? _______________________________
    8. Israeli king who built the Temple at Jerusalem ________________________
    9. Who allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple? ______________________________________________________________
    10. Who was captured by Israelites using only shouts and trumpet blasts ______________________________________________________________
    11. Who conquered Israel’s 10 tribes and took them captive ________________
    12. A group of people traveling together with pack animals _________________
    13. Babylonian laws were gathered and written down by which king? ______________________________________________________________
    14. Who conquered Judah’s 2 tribes and took them captive? _______________
    15. Babylonian king who took Daniel captive ____________________________
    16. First 3 kings of Israel _____________________________________________
    17. Who were so involved with their wickedness that they made no mark on history? _______________________________________________________
    18. Canaanites’ chief god ____________________________________________
    19. Prophet sent by God to warn Ninevah _______________________________
    20. Giving goods you have for goods you want ___________________________
    21. Last king of Lydia ________________________________________________
    22. Who were nomadic Arabs? _______________________________________
    23. Who made the first coins? ________________________________________
    24. Continents that meet at the Middle East _____________________________
    25. Most valuable contribution of the Phoenicians ________________________
    26. Phoenicians made what from murex? _______________________________
    27. Early empire builders ____________________________________________
    28. Who is the powerful ruler of an empire? _____________________________
    29. Important Phoenician trading post in northern Africa ___________________
    30. After eating at noon, most Middle Easterners do what? _________________
    31. What are millstones used for? _____________________________________