Linda Dial

January 30-31, 2023


January reading log is due Wednesday.

Remember to turn in signed math tests on Wednesday, if you want those extra five points!


Spelling: pages 78 and 79


Writing: Remember that your newspaper article final draft is due Wednesday. Don’t forget to turn in your rough draft and the scoring guide with your final draft.


Math- Lots of division today! Please pay attention to the pages, because we are temporarily skipping the lesson in between these two.  Pages 151-152 are one digit answers (with and without remainders). Page 155 is two digit answers (with and without remainders).


Reading- Read chapter three in Golden Cowrie. Write a 5 sentence summary about the chapter. Then write a 3 sentence reaction to the first 3 chapters (Tell me what you like about it. Or what you don’t like about it. Or tell me whether the story is living up to your expectations or not.)


Grammar- Test will be Wednesday. You should have your study guide from Friday. Study those pages! Test yourself on how well you understand adjectives and adverbs!


Science- Choose any experiment from the first five chapters of the book and complete it. If none of those experiments “speak” to you, look up an experiment online about cells, nutrition, or one of the three body systems we’ve studied so far (skeletal, muscular, or digestive/renal). You can also create your own experiment! Please make sure your chosen experiment can be done safely and with materials you already have at home.

Write up the experiment. Tell me a list of what you needed to do the experiment. Tell me-step by step-what you did in the experiment. Then tell me the results–what happened? Were you surprised? Or did you expect the result you got?


History-page 102 sections B, C, and D. You do not have to answer in complete sentences.


Be safe and have fun. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!!

And, don’t worry, ladies, we will have your birthday celebration when we get back to school on Wednesday.