Linda Dial

Snow Day March 11

Remember to reach out to me if you have any questions!


6/7 Reading


WP 65

This is what I like best about winter. This is what I like least about winter. 6 sentence minimum


Find a poem that speaks to you (one that you really like how it flows or the message in it). Read it out loud (out loud doesn’t mean anyone other than you has to hear) a few times to get a sense of how it sounds (I find that poetry is best when read out loud). Then write a poem that feels the same way (has the same rhyme scheme or the same number of syllables, etc). Essentially, you are creating a…parody of the poem. Kind of like taking the instrumentals from a song and putting new words to it. You’ll need to bring in the original poem and your version.


Holes: Read Chapters 46-47

Work on questions



5th Grade

Grammar–Pages 156-157. On page 157, you will do all parts, however, you only need to diagram 5 of the sentences.

Math–Pages 201-202 subtracting like fractions-just like adding like fractions, you do NOT subtract the denominators, JUST THE NUMERATORS.

BORROWING-The yellow box on 201 shows you how. You are borrowing a number for one (if your denominator is 7, you are borrowing 7/7 from the whole number. Add 7/7 to the fraction you are subtracting FROM. If you are subtracting from just a whole number, you will make the whole number one less and put the number for one {7/7} above the fraction you are subtracting)

If you cannot figure out how to borrow, circle the borrowing problems and leave them blank. We will do samples in class on Monday and you can answer the ones you left blank.

Novels— Read Chapter 17 and write a 5-7 sentence summary of the chapter.

Science–Think of an exercise that will get your heart pumping and make you breathe hard. Then go outside and do that exercise (if it is something quantifiable-like jumping jacks-decide how many you want to do. If it isn’t quantifiable-like running-decide how long you want to do it). Pay attention to how your heart and lungs feel while exercising outside. Then go inside (give yourself a break between the two so that you are starting off with normal heartrate and breathing for both) and do that same exercise for the same number or the same amount of time. Again, pay attention to how your heart and lungs feel while exercising inside. Now, write a paragraph telling me what exercise you did and if it was different or the same doing it in the cold and the warm. Tell me why you think it was different or why it was the same. (You can do the inside part first, if you want to.)

History— When we get back to school, we will do the study guide and discuss exactly when our test will be.

Spelling— Take your test for the UR/OR words (except Jacob)

Next week’s list is A-E/O-E

  1. educate
  2. alcove
  3. excavate
  4. corrode
  5. fascinate
  6. fluctuate
  7. hibernate
  8. hesitate
  9. indicate
  10. microwave
  11. oppose
  12. incubate
  13. therefore
  14. insulate
  15. imitate
  16. flabbergasted
  17. pneumonia


I’ll have nice, formatted copies for you on Monday, but in case you want to start studying for history, here is the study guide:

Chapters 5 and 6 Study Guide


  1. Which river valley was home to India’s ancient civilization?
  2. India’s main religion?
  3. Largest Indian City
  4. Important math principles developed in India
  5. Seasonal rain bringing wind
  6. What is a dynasty?
  7. What is the Buddhists’ state of being free from suffering?
  8. Cotton material first made in India (named after one of its cities
  9. Who created the caste system (group of people)
  10. Indians who don’t belong to any caste?
  11. What is reincarnation?
  12. What does Buddha mean?
  13. Father of Modern Missions?
  14. Important leader for Indian independence?
  15. India’s first prime minister?
  16. First took Indian cotton goods to Europe?
  17. First European to reach India by circumnavigating Africa?
  18. One of India’s major rivers?
  19. Used to be East Pakistan
  20. “Land of the Rising Sun”
  21. Emperor who completed the Great Wall of China
  22. Fraction of the word that lives in China
  23. Main food of China
  24. Italian trader who wrote a book about his experiences in China
  25. Missionaries martyred in Communist China
  26. Country where Chinese Nationalists fled from Communism
  27. Where would I find Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  28. Chinese tower with many levels, each with its own roof
  29. Chinese inventions or discoveries
  30. Communist Chinese Leader
  31. Emperor of Japan
  32. “Father of Faith Missions”
  33. “Father of American Missions”
  34. Nationalist Chinese Leader
  35. Chinese philosopher and teacher
  36. Essay: Describe Communism-USE DETAILS
  37. Map locations:


  1. Arabian Sea
  2. Bankok
  3. Gobi
  4. Himalayas
  5. Indian Ocean
  6. Indus River
  7. Japan
  8. Fuji
  9. New Delhi
  10. Philippines
  11. Singapore
  12. South Korea
  13. Taipei
  14. Yangtze River