Malinda Rehmer

Icy Day Monday the 22nd and Tuesday the 23rd

Freshman Art: Using the letters in your name, make drawings, or find objects and put them on paper or a board.  For example, MINDY…I might attach a Mint, draw an Ice Cream Cone, attach a Noodle, draw a Dot, and attach a piece of Yarn. (Thanks for the idea MS 🙂 )

6th and 7th Intro to Languages: Have your parents sign a paper that says you showed one of them the alphabet, colors, shapes, days of the week, and the song Jesus Loves Me.

11th Grade Physical Science: With our discussions about chemicals and how they affect our bodies and world.  Look up and find at least 3 alternatives to disinfecting chemicals (like Lysol). List the main ingredients and be able to share how “safe” the alternatives are.  Also, since we talked about dental health with chemicals like fluoride, research information about cavities and find out IF they can heal on their own. Take a few notes on your findings and be ready to discuss in class on Wednesday.

Freshman Biology: Start on pg 322 of your book and read about the Nitrogen Cycle (yes we are skipping a section). Do the the on your own questions.  You will also need to answer the following questions: here is the word bank to answer these questions: fixing, legumes, bacteria, denitrifying, roots, nitrate

  1. An organism involved in the cycling of nitrogen
  2. Nitrogen____________bacteria are found in the root nodules of ____________ and can convert it into nitrogen gas.
  3. Nitrifying bacteria can convert ammonia ions to ___________ ions, which can be taken up by the __________ of plants.
  4. Some bacteria convert nitrates back into nitrogen gas, these are known as ____________ bacteria.


Snow Day Jan 12th

Freshman Art: look up an art project online or make one up that ypu would be comfortable teaching to the class.  We will share these ideas on Monday and then decide when we will do them as a class.


6th and 7th Grade Intro to Languages:

Write down 5 sentences and practice how to sign them. You will turn in your sentence on Monday and demonstrate your sentences in class..


Jrs. Physical Science Class: After doing the one-sided research on Fluoride and Lysol, write a short paragraph on if you think these are “good” chemicals or “bad”.  Tell why you feel this way. On Monday after you debate, you will share the paragraphs and see if you still feel the same.

Freshman Biology: Read pages 311-313


Snow Day Wed the 10th and Thursday the 11th

Freshman Art Class: Using paper towels, tissue paper, or toilet paper.  Create a SNOWY scene on another sheet of paper.  Just be creative.

6th and 7th Grade Intro to Languages Class: Practice your Jesus Loves Me Song in sign language.  Look up “This Little Light of Mine” in Sign Language and watch the video online.  See what parts you want to use from this version.

Junior Physical Science Class: Those of you that were Fluoride Positive will be Lysol Negative.  Those that are Fluoride Negative will be Lysol Positive.  Remember to find at least 5 facts that support you being for against Fluoride or Lysol. Be prepared to present both in class on Friday.

Freshman Biology: Continue the chapter Ecology:  Read from pg 305 (mutualism) to 309.  Find 2 examples of mutualism (that are NOT in your book) and write them down.  Answer the on your own on page 309.  REMEMBER>>>> do not copy the answers from the back, only use that to check.   Also: Read pages 309-310 and do those on your own questions.