Mary Margaret Horning

Assignments for 2/17/21 and 2/18/21:

Grammar 8th grade
Read pages 145-147 and do all exercises.
Answer the following questions (found in the reading):
1.What is a pronoun?
2.What is an antecedent?
3.List the different kinds of pronouns (six kinds).
4.List the pronouns given in the book that an be either singular or plural. (page 146)
5.When the predicate nominative differs in number from the subject, which one is the verb to agree with? (page 147)

THURSDAY: Read page 148 and do all exercises on pages 149-150

Also, write your spelling words twice each day to hand in. Of course practice more until you can spell all words correctly!

Advanced Math 1
Read “Definition of a Polynomial Function” page 348 and then do #1-9 odd on page 360

Read “Smooth and Continuous Graphs” page 349 and then do #11,13 on page 360

Read the rest of page 349 (about end behavior) through “Leading Coefficient Test” on page 350 and then do #15-23 odd page 360

American Gov

Wednesday: Read pages 118-120 and answer the following questions:
1.What are grants-in-aid? How large has this become?
2.What are categorical grants? What can they require in order to receive them?
3.What are formula grants? What are project grants?
4.What was the interstate highway system? Who started it? What made it so appealing to the states?
5.What are block grants?
6.What is revenue sharing? How did it vary during the Nixon era the the Reagan era?

Wednesday and Thursday:  STUDY for the MO Constitution test. Plan to take it Friday.