TIA Ashley

Parents, I pray you are all well! Below are the assignments for the next two days. Ugg, midwest weather!!! I apologize for all the printing that will need to be done, Missouri weather is unpredictable.

A few notes, please make sure that your children label their papers with their names, the date, subject, and page numbers. Assignments are very difficult to grade without this information when I have to grade after snow days. Also for those of you who may not have a printer, please be sure your children number their problems so that I can grade their assignments to return to you all as quickly as possible.

Hope you all have a great couple of days.


Math: The below pages are a Study Guide for the Chapter 8 test tomorrow.

Please, also make sure your children know the following facts for the test as well:

  • 7 days = ______week
  • 1 year = _______days
  • 1/2 hour = ________minutes
  • 1 hour = __________minutes
  • 1 day = ____________hours
  • 1 year = ___________months
  • the number of each month, as in January is the 1st month, February is the 2nd month and so on.
  • P 125: 4-9
  • P 127 : all
  • p 129: all
  • p131: all
  • p 133: 3-5
  • p 135: 9-10

Language: P89-90

Reading: Read Ch 2, Winter Evening  of Farmer Boy and Complete Ch 2 WS

History: ————————————————–

Science: NJ p 84.

NJ p 84 and NJ p 80 are the study guides for Lesson 6 Science Test that is tomrorow. Since we had a snow day last week and I still have your children NJ p 80 with me, I made a document with the answers so that you can study for the test. The answers for NJ p 84 are on p 188 of your note journals.

Spelling: P 62-63

Handwriting: Work sheet to practice b, o, v, w, m, n.



Math: Chapter 8 Test

Language: 91-92

Reading: Read Ch 3 Winter Night of Farmer Boy and Complete Ch 3 WS

History: ———————————————-

Science: Lesson 6 Test

Spelling: Finish p 62-63 and study for pretest

Handwriting: NJ p 42 and 56