TIA Ashley


Math: p 135-136

Language: Test 7.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-8gfkos30wgFSG8fzCHzXtG9KdRf-Czv/view?usp=sharing

Reading: Complete the Elements of a Story worksheet. Parents, please proofread these for your children, tomorrow will be the day to rewrite them according to the rubric attached to the worksheet.


History: —————————————————————

Science: In Health read p 61-66 and do questions on p 67.

Spelling: Administer List 15 pretest on p 58 of the spelling book. Begin spelling p60-61.

Handwriting: Note Journal Pages 147 and 159. Please do this on a separate piece of paper. Info to remember:

  • watch out for b’s, o’s, v’s, w’s and how your children join them to other letters.
  • be sure your children are forming their m’s and n’s correctly.
  • If your child has forgotten how to write a letter, then they can look on the inside, back cover of their handwriting book.


Math: p137-138

Language: p83-84

Reading: rewrite Elements of a Story, final draft, according to the rubric with proofread corrections.

History: read p 120-123 and complete questions on p 123

Science: ————————————————————–

Spelling: Finish p 60-61 and study for the final test if your child did not pass the pretest.

Handwriting: on a separate piece of paper, Note Journal p 169 and 179.



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