Tiffany Nunes

January 22-23 Snow Day Assignments

MATH: We are starting a new chapter on Fractions this week, that being said, I would like to be the one to teach this to them. So, for assignments for MONDAY and TUESDAY, I would like for you to do the Daily Review pages for this chapter to keep those brains fresh!

Math Assignment: DAILY REVIEW PAGES 139-140

HISTORY: Study those study guides and label your maps – TEST FRIDAY   Read “The Declaration of Independence.”

SPELLING: Pages 58-59

Words 2x each (list 15)


LANGUAGE: Pages 85, 86, and 87. Modifiers at work ( do your best, we will go over these as a class when we return) 🙂

WRITING: Page 51. Verse of the day Romans 8:28 and what it means to you.

READING:  Read pages 206-212

workbook pages 87-88

VOCAB: Cargo- goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle

Centurion- the commander of a century in the ancient Roman Army

Pummeled- to strike repeatedly

 Venomous- Secreting venom, or capable of injecting venom by means of a        bite or sting.

Bible Account Synopsis ( for reading assignment)- In this retelling, many negative experiences in Paul’s life work together for good. Paul sets sail on a ship to Rome to be tried before Caesar. When the ship’s captain ignores Paul’s advice to winter in Crete and continues to sail during storm season, the ship is caught in a terrible northeaster and begins to sink. Paul encourages the captain, crew, and prisoners by relating God’s promise that they will all be rescued if they stay with the ship. when he ship nears the island of Malta, all the men jump over board and make it safely to shore. On the island, God performs a miracle by keeping Paul free from harm after a bite from a venomous snake. God also heals the father of the islands chief after Paul prays for him. After 3 months on Malta, Paul sails safely to Rome, where he teaches, preaches, and writes his epistles while awaiting trial.

Genre is Bible account: “Balaams Prophecies” was taken from the old testament, before the coming of Christ. This Bible account from Acts takes place during the years shirty after Christ death, resurrection, and accession to his Father in heaven. Paul was a persecutor of Christians until he came to know Christ in a dramatic meeting with Him on the road to Damascus. He gave the rest of his life to traveling as a missionary and sharing the Gospel of Christ with those who had never heard.

SCIENCE: Do workbook pages 69-70










Assignments for Snow day January 10th and Homework Thursday January 11th

MATH- Pages 103-104 (all)

Pages 105-106 (even)


1. Add the numbers of all the test, miles, deliveries (whatever it may be)

2. Then divide the total you got by the number of tests, miles, deliveries.

EXAMPLE: Tiffany’s  last five math test scores are, 72, 88, 71, 95, and 79, what is her test average.?  AS YOU CAN SEE, THERE WERE 5 GRADES RECORDED. SO WE WILL TAKE THOSE 5 GRADES ADD THEM TOGETHER. GET THE TOTAL. DIVIDE THAT TOTAL BY 5, THE NUMBER OF TESTS RECORDED. THAT WILL GIVE YOU TIFFANY’S AVERAGE MATH TEST SCORE.  72+88+71+95+ 79= 405.  405 divided by 5 =  81, SO TIFFANY’S AVERAGE IS AN 81%

HISTORY- Read 69-73 (including section on William Carey)

Do comp check 5C

Read Declaration Of Independence (page 345)

SPELLING- PRETEST LIST 13 (grade them so I know Friday who needs to retake)

Pages 52+53

HANDWRITING/WRITING- Page 47 in workbook

Verse of the day and what it means to you Philippians 3:13-14

LANGUAGE-  Pages 82-84

READING- Read 181-185 (Vocab was sent home)

Workbook pages 77-78

SCIENCE- Read 92-94

Do Quick check on 94

I know it seems like a lot, its just our normal, what we do in class and finish what isn’t competed for homework!

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as if for the Lord rather than for men. Colossians 3:23

Love you guys! Have a good day!


January 12, 2024 Snowday


MATH: Pages 107-108 (EVENS ONLY)

HISTORY: Read: 74-75

SPELLING: Do final spelling test, if you received less than a 90% on pretest

LANGUAGE: Diagram EVENS only page 83 (sentence structure section)

HANDWRITING: We’ll just jump back in on Monday

READING: Read 186-190

Do workbook 79-80

VOCAB: corridor- A long passage in a building from which doors lead into rooms.

gibbets-  execution by hanging

savage- fierce, violent, and uncontrolled

marvel- be filled with wonder or astonishment

SCIENCE: None, I had experiment planned


Miss you guys! Have blessed day and weekend! Any Questions Call, or text, or even email me!