Vicky Hill

Jan. 22/23 Spelling: Do Word Sort on page 50, and Word Study on page 51. Your spelling List 13: write your words 1-20 and using the dictionary in our spelling book, (pages 134-162), write down the definitions for each spelling word. Study your words, we have a pre- test on Wednesday.

Jan. 22/23 Grammar: Look Closely page 147. Page 148: Think A & Think B. Page 149 Think A. Page 150 Think B.

We will be reviewing and grading all assignments in class. Please have all work completed.

See you on Wednesday.



Previous Assignments:

6th Grade Spelling and Grammar

Jan. 12th-Spelling: Make sure that all of your work from Wednesday and Thursday is complete. Study the spelling words from List 12 on page 48 and check your spelling list (the written list of 5 times each from Monday), for correct spelling. We will have a test on List 12, on Monday.

Jan. 12th-Grammar: Do Looking Back exercises on page 138 & 1-4 under Remember.

Diagramming 1-10, make a diagram of the subjects and verbs in the sentences. Do The Sentence 1-10, S for simple sentence, Cd for compound, F for fragment, or RO for run-on.

Have a nice weekend. We will see you on Monday!




Previous Assignments:

6th Grade Spelling and Grammar

Jan 10th/11th- Spelling: Page 48 Proofreading and Word Study exercises. Page 49 Writing assignment-Write a letter of encouragement to someone 1-2 paragraphs. Study words for test.

Jan 10th/11th- Grammar: Page 135: Think E and Look it Up. Page 136: Think A and Think C. Page 137: Think D and Think E.